Thank you for purchasing Carelab - Medical HubSpot Theme

After you download our theme from Themeforest you will have and when you extract you will see:

  • 1. document
  • 3.

Theme structure

  • πŸ“ modules
  • πŸ“ templates
  • πŸ“ js
  • πŸ“ images
  • πŸ“ css
  • πŸ“„ fields.json
  • πŸ“„ theme.json

Install theme

  1. Login to your Hubspot account
  2. Go to setting -> themes then click on upload theme
  3. In the "Upload" popup, click β€œBrowse” to browse for the theme installation file in donwloaded package

Setup Homepage

  1. Go to Marketing -> Website -> Website Pages
  2. Click on Create and choose Website page

In this section please choose page template Home

After you choose page template it will popup for add label page Home

Theme settings

  1. Click on design
  2. Click onEdit theme settings

In settings page you can edit:

  1. Colors & background
  2. Fonts
  3. Spacing

Theme modules

carelab have 15 custom modules that create a website for virtually anything.

  1. Accordion
  2. Blog grid
  3. Button
  4. Call action
  5. Counter
  6. Image card (grid and list style)
  7. Main slider
  8. Menu
  9. Price card
  10. Section title
  11. Social follow
  12. Tab
  13. Team
  14. Testimonial slider
  15. Toggle
  16. Video popup

Header settings

For edit header you need to click on header area for edit.

  1. Click on logo for custom your logo
  2. Click on primary navigation for add your menu
  3. Click on button for custom button text and link

Footer settings

1. For edit footer you need to click on footer area for edit.

2. Click on section list on the left for Edit footer

Setup blog page

  1. Go to setting -> blog
  2. Click on tab templates
  3. Select carelab blog template

Setup system page

  1. Go to setting -> page
  2. click on tab system pages
  3. Select carelab system pages


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